The mission of the Women’s Business Center (WBC) is to support economic prosperity for women and strengthen communities through entrepreneurial and financial education services that create and grow sustainable jobs and businesses across South Carolina. From starting or growing a business to increasing income, the Women’s Business Center drives business success in a tangible and accessible way for its owners which also greatly benefits the economic success of the state.

The Women’s Business Center was established to empower low-to-moderate income women and minorities with programs that promote economic sufficiency, build assets and improve their lives and those of their families.  The WBC will provide a statewide ecosystem for minority women-owned businesses through job creation, increased revenue, and the achievement of economic independence.  We pledge to work side-by-side with the women entrepreneurs and local businesses to retain and build industry and commerce, create jobs and improve economic opportunities for all local residents and neighborhood enterprises.

OUR Vision

The vision of the Women’s Business Development Council (WBC) is to create a gateway out of poverty for socially and economically disadvantaged women entrepreneurs by starting, growing and expanding their businesses.

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