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BCWBC seek to initiate the leveraging required to support our small business community. Aligning with Benedict College’s mission as a catalyst for economic development, the BCWBC serves as the first gender focused statewide entrepreneurial initiative for socially and economically disadvantaged small and minority-owned businesses throughout the state of South Carolina. While providing assistance to all businesses, our efforts primarily focus on women, particularly minority women that historically experience more social and economic disparities then their counterparts.  Located in the heart of our state’s capital, the BCWBC provides:

    • Customized business one-on-one counseling.
    • Lender referrals and loan package preparation assistance.
    • Seminars and classes (web-based), focused on key business topics.
    • Review and feedback on written business plans.
    • Networking opportunities to find mutual support, access to resources and business referrals.
    • Certification assistance and review.
    • Local and global business development.

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