1:1 Peer Counseling

WBC counselors provide one-on-one needs assessment, business planning, marketing and management guidance, as well as access to resources through the WBC Network’s extensive linkages with the full spectrum of public and private business assistance sources.

Educational Opportunities

You have the vision, but are not sure how to bring it to fruition. The WBC is here to offer assistance through seminars, webinars along with informative workshops. You got this far, let us hold your hand and lead the way! 

In-Depth Business Coaching and Counseling

Benedict College WBC Network serves as a highly interactive forum for sharing technology and resources across community and cultural lines, enabling local entrepreneurs to familiarize themselves with the latest business practices, to forge meaningful links with mainstream services, markets, and mentors, and to gain access to new business-development opportunities.  Aided by the counselors, community-based entrepreneurs are educated and empowered, enabling them to join as energized partners in the all-important work of supporting the expansion of employment opportunities, and of promoting the economic development and well-being of their community and our state.

Access to Capital

Speaking the languages of the communities we serve, the counselors at the Benedict College Women’s Business Center have proven to be ideally suited to reach and extend a guiding hand to local entrepreneurs whose challenges are many and resources few.

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